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Laser solutions of solar cell

We supply solutions for solar cell as following:

1. P1,P2,P3 scribing for thin film solar cell

2. Edge deletion for thin film solar cell

3. Thin film ablation ("see through" application for BIPV)

4, EWT,MWT (laser drilling for high efficiency solar cell"

5. Laser dopping

6  Laser grooving

7 Edge isolation

a-Si、CIGS、CdTe thin film scribing 

            P1,P2,P3 precisely scribing , min dead area less than 150 um

                   CIGS scribing

            Edge deletion

                  Film etching(BIPV)

Crystalline silicon solar cell

                      Edge Isolation

                        Laser grooving

                       Laser dopping

                                 Laser drilling(MWT)

                          Micro drilling or slots cutting (for printing process)

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