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Laser glass cutting
We have developped five different precosses for glass cutting and micro drilling, depends on the customers' different requirements of prcision,chipping, cost and design, especially straight cutting or grometric cutting. We have successfully launched our technology to consumer electronics, display, medical, semiconductors, solar cell, optics, etc
Now we could cut thin glass(less than 1mm thick)  fast and no chpping, both tempered and non-tempered; we could drilling 0.1mm holes in 5mm thick glass and make many kinds of 2.5D structures inside the glass.
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Fine cutting
Fine cutting of all kinds of thin material with UV laser, fiber laser and ultra-fast lasers
Micro drilling
5micron precision, 20:1 ratio, Max 1mm thickness, Min hole size 5micron, all kind of materials 
Wafer dicing
Laser scribing/dicing/grooving in silicon,glass,sapphire, ceramics, metal wafers
Pattern etching
Laser patterning of ITO, Ag, ink and many other coatings according to customized design
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